An Honor To Serve

Words and music by Ray Boltz

He was just a young man when he first heard the call

Come and join the battle, come and give us your all

And he rose up to follow leaving all else behind

And he joined in this song as he reached the front lines

Its an honor to serve

To join in the fight

To lift up my voice

And to lay down my life

Giving glory to God

Seeking none in return

Its an honor, an honor to serve

Now the day he was captured, they locked him in chains

And though weeks turned to years still his faith stayed the same

As his body was broken, his dark hair turned gray

But each night in his cell he would stand up and say


Now one day the war finally came to an end

And he spoke with his heart as he stood with his men

*Spoken We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our commander-in-chief and to our nation for this dayGod Bless America

As they lifted the flag at the front of the crowd

I watched him stand up and bring his hand to his brow

Oh Lord help me remember what true honor means

And no matter the cost to stand up and sing


© 1998 Shepherd Boy Music/ASCAP

used by permission

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